Customer focus: to be the best bank for quality and reputation


  • To foster the customer experience and satisfaction levels.
  • To consolidate CaixaBank’s reputation as the standard-bearer for responsible and socially-committed banking.
  • To set a benchmark for corporate governance.


Internal and external quality indicators show very positive progress in the first two years of the Plan. Some of the strategic objectives set for 2018 have already been achieved, and have been increased following a review of the Plan. In 2016, the entity renewed its EFQM seal, with an increased score of around 650 points. It also received the first AENOR certification in Europe for excellence in Individual and Business banking, and for Foreign Trade and International Banking.

CaixaBank is developing global customer-experience maps and new quality metrics based on surveys of key moments to enhance its understanding of the needs and expectations of its customers, and so improve their experience and build loyalty, and continue improving customer satisfaction and recommendations.

CaixaBank is continuing to apply the most demanding social, environmental and governance standards to enhance its reputation and responsible management of its financial business. It has retained its presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and Europe, FTSE4Good and CDP indexes, among others, which recognise excellence in corporate responsibility in the banking sector. The bank has continued to foster financial inclusion, through the most extensive branch network in Spain and by granting microcredits through MicroBank, faithful to its social banking model of openness and commitment to all of its stakeholders.

Finally, we should highlight the continuing efforts of CaixaBank in the sphere of corporate governance. These have been recognised by external organisations such as ISS, which awarded CaixaBank the highest score in this area.

Renewal of the EFQM Seal of Excellence for business management, with an improved score of around 650 points


  • To complete rollout of the customer-experience methodology, the identification of key moments and certification of all businesses.
  • To implement new internal quality and reputation management metrics.
  • To ensure compliance with the most demanding international corporate social responsibility and corporate governance standards.
  • To raise awareness in the organisation of conduct risks and enhance the internal control and compliance culture.

Key monitoring metrics

* Difference between the percentage of customers who would recommend the entity compared to detractors.


CaixaBank is committed to offering a high quality service, based on proximity and responsible action, contributing to sustainable economic and social development in the areas where it is active. With this objective in mind, it is working to be the leading bank for service, customer trust and responsible and social banking.


CaixaBank has the largest commercial network in the country, with the most branches (5,027) and the most extensive network of ATMs (9,479). This scale and reach enables it to offer convenient and high-quality service, with branches that act as advice centres and digital channels that facilitate flexibility and adaptation to emerging customer needs.


CaixaBank believes proximity is one of the foundations of better and more effective service:

  • It has a presence in every Spanish town with more than 10,000 inhabitants, and 93% of those with more than 5,000, demonstrating its unparalleled commitment to its customers.
  • It has a “light” branch model, with an average of 5.7 employees (versus 6.6 on average in the sector in Spain, and 15.2 in Europe). It also has more than 70 A and Store branches, with a new service model that is more open, technological and personal.
  • The extensive reach of the network facilitates commercial effectiveness, in a country where 43.3% of customers rate proximity as the main factor in choosing a bank1.

Large commercial network

Branches in Spain
(4,851 retail branches)

Presence in cities with more than 25,000 residents

Employees with mobile devices


CaixaBank has the most digital customers in the country, complementing its model of personalised advice with a firm commitment to digitalisation:

  • It is the leader in adopting mobile solutions, with a large number of mobile terminals for its commercial team, enabling them to serve customers outside the branch.
  • The adoption of technological solutions – such as data pool – enables the Bank to offer tailored service through better knowledge of the customer.


CaixaBank facilitates access to its products and services for as many people as possible:

  • It has a broad range of products and services, differentiated for each type of market segment.
  • Through MicroBank, the social bank specialising in micro-finance.
  • Through the elimination of physical and sensory barriers.


of branches

of ATMs

AA rating for internet accessibility under the Web Accessibility Initiative

1. Source: FRS Inmark 2015. The second most important factor is quality of service, for 23.1% of customers.

CaixaBank has the largest branch network in the country, and it is the only bank with a branch in 171 towns


Service quality is one of the highest priorities for CaixaBank, and one of the drivers of its competitiveness. Its customer-centric approach seeks to meet needs and exceed expectations.

The bank’s service-quality standards are very demanding. It seeks to achieve these through trust, proximity, thoroughness, honesty and efficiency, and striving for continuous improvement. Specialisation, personalised service and innovation are also key features.

CaixaBank’s customer-centric approach enables it to offer the best service and the highest quality

A certified model of management and service

  • EFQM European Seal of Excellence for its management model

    CaixaBank renewed its EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) seal – assessing continuous improvement in business management – in 2016. The bank scored 650 points in an external evaluation, putting its management among the best in the country.
  • AENOR certification for specialist businesses

    CaixaBank is the first bank in Europe to receive AENOR Conform Excellence certification for financial customer service and attention, for its retail, international and foreign trade banking, recognising its excellent customer service and management. Its Premier Banking and Business Banking certifications have also been renewed.
EFQM European Seal of Excellence for its management model

We listen to customers and employees

CaixaBank promotes an active dialogue and direct contact with customers and the professionals who are in direct contact with them. Among other initiatives, the bank regularly gauges customer satisfaction and recommendations for the service received.

Two strategic indices are prepared for each CaixaBank business using the information obtained in customer surveys (focus groups, interviews and questionnaires):

  • The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), an internal indicator of perceived service quality.
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the percentage of customer recommendations for CaixaBank.

Action plans are then drawn up to foster service excellence at all levels and in all businesses.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) by business

Scale of 1 to 10

We are constantly improving customers’ experiences with CaixaBank

CaixaBank works ceaselessly to improve its customer interactions and contacts, in order to be the leader for customer recommendations.

In 2016 it carried out specific studies to:

  • Listen to and understand the customer in each of their interactions with the bank, capturing their emotions.
  • Identify key moments in customers’ relationships with CaixaBank, whatever the channel (in person or digital).
  • Transform these key moments into a differentiating experience that cements the emotional bond with the entity, adapting to their personalised needs.

The key moments for various groups have also been enhanced. For example, the customer’s experience of changing Premier Banking account managers has been improved.

Customer satisfaction rating of 8.7 out of 10 for CaixaBank


Customer service is one of the key elements in building customer satisfaction and loyalty. This was enhanced during the year by:

  • Reviewing the channels through which customers interact with the bank, from an omnichannel perspective. This review sought to enhance understanding of customer needs, and detect and prevent situations that could impact their satisfaction in their day-to-day interactions with CaixaBank.
  • A new management model was introduced for complaints, bolstering our commitment to our customers, and complying with regulatory requirements.

This new model guarantees application of customer-protection regulations to the most exacting supervisory standards for the resolution of complaints relating to financial products and services. In parallel, the customer service team offers a comprehensive and shared viewpoint for cases affecting the entity’s quality or reputation. This shared viewpoint enhances the transparency of complaint management.

The new complaint management model will be consolidated in 2017, implementing initiatives that have been identified to “avoid, resolve and improve”. These improvements seek to foster excellent, comprehensive, omnichannel service with a 360º view of the customer. The model seeks to anticipate customer expectations, influence their perceptions of the bank and avoid situations that might lead to dissatisfaction and complaints.

68% reduction in the number of customer complaints to official complaints channels


CaixaBank works to promote its model of social and responsible banking, based on a firm commitment to all of its stakeholders and the adoption of best practices in this regard. It also contributes to resolving the most urgent economic, social and environmental challenges.

Ethical and responsible behaviour

CaixaBank has put in place a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which was updated in 2016. This Code, together with the anti-corruption policy, and the bank’s other internal behaviour regulations, is mandatory for everyone in CaixaBank.

A whistle-blowing channel has been set up to facilitate compliance with these rules. The usual customer service channels are available to customers and other stakeholders.

The bank continuously develops new initiatives and regulations to enhance its operating model and management. In 2016, these included:

  • Approval of the product development policy, which sets out the principles for the design and marketing of new products and services, responding to the needs of our customers and enhancing their protection.
  • The introduction of the Product Committee, which is responsible for approving new products and services designed and marketed by the entity, after analysing the characteristics and risks of each product, and their compliance with customer protection and transparency rules.
  • The incorporation of a new project starting in 2017 into the Strategic Plan, to transform the control and compliance culture by integrating it into everyday activity, with the most stringent protection for customers and for CaixaBank.


The bank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy was approved in 2015. It has also put in place a CSR Master Plan for 2017-2020, to establish itself as a benchmark for its social commitment and its responsible and sustainable management.

Commitment to sustainability initiatives

CaixaBank is involved in numerous domestic and international sustainability initiatives, such as the Ecuador Principles and the Spanish Group for Green Growth. It has also held the presidency of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012.

In 2016, CaixaBank Asset Management, the bank’s mutual fund manager, became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, of which VidaCaixa, its pension plan and insurance manager, was already a signatory.

2016 marked the tenth anniversary of the founding of The CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility, in collaboration with the IESE business school. This Chair reflects the commitment of both entities to fostering, promoting and spreading new knowledge about CSR.

CaixaBank is part of the main international sustainability indices (such as the DJSI and the FTSE4Good)

Working with the Welfare Projects of the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation

The “la Caixa” Banking Foundation is the largest foundation in Spain and the third largest in the world, in terms of assets, with a budget for its Welfare Projects of €510 million in 2017. CaixaBank collaborates actively in fostering and implementing its programmes through a strategic alliance.

  • €44.3 million in local social projects channelled through CaixaBank branches.
  • More than 28,000 jobs facilitated for vulnerable people
  • 15,000 participants (including around 5,000 active CaixaBank Group employees) in the Corporate Volunteering Programme, with more than 1.2 million beneficiaries since launch.
  • More than 2.6 million children vaccinated through the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation’s contribution to the GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance.

CaixaBank is contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through this Alliance, its own activities and other collaborations

Promoting long-term saving and financial education
  • CaixaBank manages 23.8% of Spaniards’ savings insurance and 22.9% of their pension plans.
  • 236 CaixaBankFuturo events on retirement planning, attracting some 14,000 people.
  • 68 financial education workshops for vulnerable groups, attracting more than 1,100 people.
  • 16 training courses in economics and markets for 1,275 retail shareholders.
Contributing to the most urgent social needs
  • MicroBank, CaixaBank’s social bank, is Europe’s largest micro-finance institution.
  • CaixaBank has provided assistance to more than 550,600 families with mortgages and economic difficulties since 2009. It runs a Mortgage Customer Advisory Service, with a free telephone helpline.
  • The “la Caixa” Group has the largest volume of social housing in Spain, with more than 33,000 flats with rents below market levels.
  • More than 9,000 employees have taken part in the bank’s Social Weeks (80% of the branch network), with local volunteering activities.
Participation in the fight against climate change
  • €3.44 million in EcoFinanciación funding, with 600 operations.
  • 3,081 MW in installed capacity in the 21 renewable energy projects financed during the year.
  • Plan to be carbon neutral in 2018.
  • Signatory to RE100, a global initiative involving companies committed to consuming 100% of their energy from renewable sources.
  • World leader, with the highest rating (A) for the third consecutive year, in the CDP index, which rates the actions of companies in response to climate change.