CaixaBank, the leading retail bank in Spain, is one of the key agents in the country’s economy. The bank works to champion economic activity and business productivity, contributing to the generation of employment and financial inclusion. To this end, its financial strength is key to enabling it to safeguard jobs, acquire products and services from suppliers, compensate shareholders and thus help fund the community work pursued by the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation and its Welfare Projects.


CaixaBank contributes directly to the country’s economy through its financial activities and indirectly through the effects of its spending with suppliers, the salaries of its employees, dividends paid to its shareholders and the production activity of the businesses and self-employed professionals it finances.

The bank also believes it is duty-bound to contribute to public finances, based on a fiscal policy underpinned by principles of responsibility, prudence and transparency.

Job creation

The bank is an important source of job creation:

  • Directly, with its more than 32,403 employees.
  • Indirectly, generating 35,663 jobs through the multiplying effect of its purchases from suppliers.
  • Induced, as a result of its employees and suppliers purchasing products and services and from financing its customers.

The bank is also involved in promoting the ”la Caixa” Foundation’s Incorpora programme through its branch network, promoting employment for individuals at risk of exclusion. More than 9,500 companies are involved in this programme, which generated more than 28,000 job opportunities during the year.

CaixaBank’s contribution to the Spanish economy

Direct and indirect contribution to Spain’s GDP million € (0.72% of GDP)

Purchases from suppliers million € (96% domestic)

Tax contribution million €

Boosting economic and business activity

CaixaBank continues its commitment to serve the productive sector and families, and works to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Self-employed professionals and businesses

Almost half of all Spanish companies and a third of the self employed are CaixaBank customers, thanks to our wide range of products and services specially tailored to their needs.

In 2016, we increased our market share (+14 basis points in lending to companies, to 14.1%, and +159 basis points for commercial loans, to 17.5%). The number of new transactions agreed also increased, as did gross loans and advances to companies, which hit €64,813 million (+8.3% vs. 2015).

CaixaBank customers

of Spanish self-employed professionals

of Spain’s companies (Turnover of €1 million to €100 million)

Financing for the self-employed

New loans arranged (+4.4% vs. 2015)

Financing for companies

New loans arranged (+9.7% vs. 2015)

CaixaBank has continued enhancing its specialist value propositions.

  • It has signed collaboration agreements that enable it to offer innovative solutions to its business and company clients. In 2016, these included:
    • The agreement with the el BulliFoundation to develop innovation and management projects in the hospitality sector for the self-employed, shops and micro-companies.
    • CaixaBank is the first Spanish financial entity to be able to offer access to the Opportunity Network, an international platform dedicated to finding trustworthy partners and quality business opportunities.
    • New AgroBank University-Company Chair with the University of Lleida, dealing with agri-food innovation and quality. CaixaBank has more than 342,000 agribusiness customers (24.1% of the self-employed in the sector in the country).
  • Organisation of a new round of the Business Character Awards, created in collaboration with the CEOE to recognise innovative Spanish companies that are committed to internationalisation.
  • Organisation of specialist events with leading speakers, offering a comprehensive service. More than 9,000 people attended these events in 2016.
  • Launch of specialist virtual services enabling visits and contracting of products by videoconference.


MicroBank, the largest social bank specialising in microfinance in Europe, serves segments of the population whose financial needs are not catered for sufficiently.

  • It has been in operation through CaixaBank’s branch network since 2007, boosting economic activity, job creation, self-employment, personal and family development, and financial inclusion.
  • It offers a wide range of microcredits tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, micro-companies, people and families. It also offers basic banking services and manages the activity of the Monte de Piedad, which provides secured loans through four specialist offices.

In 2016, MicroBank continued fostering activity aimed at the most precarious groups in society, offering resources to help generate opportunities and enhance their quality of life. This activity included:

  • Social microcredits: offering funding to new entrepreneurs and facilitating access to technical support and advice through more than 500 collaborating entities.
  • “Confianza” microcredits: funding coverage of basic needs and self-employment projects for people in situations of extreme social exclusion, who also receive support through mutual-aid groups.
  • Erasmus+ Master’s loans: enabling university students with no income or collateral to fund master’s degree programmes in other European countries, with repayments starting a year after the course finishes.
  • Financial Education programme: for people seeking training to help them improve their management of the family budget, enhance their understanding of banking products and services and avoid over-indebtedness.
Microcredits granted to entrepreneurs and businesses in the year

Jobs created through microcredits to entrepreneurs and businesses

EmprendedorXXI Prizes

The EmprendedorXXI Prizes identify, recognise and assist newly-created and innovative businesses with high potential for growth in Spain. The prizes are awarded through Caixa Capital Risc, in conjunction with ENISA, Spain’s national innovation body.

Since their creation in 2007, €4.28 million has been invested in prizes and support activities, building a community of 289 winners through Spain’s nationwide Entrepreneur’s Day.

87% of the companies awarded EmprendedorXXI prizes remain active, and most have a strong international presence