Leading the digitisation of the banking world


  • To consolidate leadership in multi-channel and mobile banking.
  • To develop the digital relationship, experience and contracting of customers.
  • To roll out strategies in response to new technologies, new entrants and regulatory changes.


Penetration of digital customers and digital contracting continued to advance in 2016. CaixaBank – the leader in digital penetration – accounts for 32.4% of all digital customers in Spain, according to comScore. CaixaBank’s leadership in innovation has received international recognition. This included recognition as the “Best European mobile bank in 2016” by Forrester Research; the “Best global technological project 2016”, for imaginBank, by The Banker; and a “Global Innovator 2016” by Efma and Accenture.

From this position of leadership, CaixaBank is continuing to focus on improving the customer experience in digital channels, a relationship that should be available “anywhere and anytime”, based on personalised service. Since the Plan began to be rolled out, CaixaBank has launched new functionality and innovations, such as the “Mis finanzas” smart manager, the imaginBank mobile bank, the CaixaBankPay mobile payment tool and new on-line advice channels and services.

Following the launch of its “big data” project in 2015, CaixaBank has been developing tailored products and services based on its enhanced knowledge of its customers. Big data enables greater personalisation and improvements in areas such as risk models, the customer experience and the commercial offering.

Another area for action in this key strategy is the improvement of commercial effectiveness. At year-end 2016, all employees in commercial roles had a smart PC, enabling them to contract products and services outside the branch, using a digital signature.

Around 83% of operations (such as balance enquiries, transfers, and so on) now use Línea Abierta (three percentage points higher than in 2014). This enables the commercial network to spend more time providing customers with advice and value-added services.

CaixaBank, leads digital penetration, with 32.4% of digital customers in Spain


  • To optimise the digital customer experience in contracting processes.
  • To complete the big data infrastructure and roll out applications.
  • To digitalise processes that impact on efficiency and improve the customer experience.
  • To foster information security strategies.

Key monitoring metrics

* Percentage of customers (individuals between 20 and 74 years old) that used the service over the last two months