CaixaBank, which is known for its financial strength and management based on prudence and forethought, works to maintain a relationship with its customers and society in general that is based on trust. The bank therefore has a team of qualified professionals, reinforces the responsible management of its business and ethical culture, and maximizes the security of its services and involvement in the territory.


13.8 milion customers

1 in 4 families

1 in 3 young people
(between 18 and 25 years old)

Over 1 in 4 people
over the age of 65*

87% of our customers consider CaixaBank their main bank**

€303,895 M in total customer funds

2.5% vs. 2015

1 in 4 people

who directly deposit their wages do so through an account at CaixaBank

CaixaBank is the leading financial institution in terms of overall satisfaction with the bank and has more customers that would recommend the bank compared to its main competitors***

1 in 5 senior citizens

collect their social security pension through CaixaBank

The bank received the second best net promoter score (NPS) compared to its main competitors***

CaixaBankmanages 23.8%** of spaniards savings insurance and 22.9% of their pension plans

93.33% retention of total customers
97.91% retention of high-value customers

* Source: FRS Inmark 2015.

** Latest available data (September 2016).

*** Source: BMKS FIN 2016 Report of Stiga. Includes Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Banco Popular and Bankia


CaixaBank, which bases its management on prudence and forethought, is one of the most solvent Spanish banks.

* Group of comparable includes Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Bankia, Banco Popular and Bankinter. For CaixaBank, ratio of Total regulatory Capital excluding the purchase of the 84,51% stake in BPI post-OPA and the issuance of subordinated debt in February 2017.

CaixaBank is among the most solvent banks in the eurozone, according to the stress test carried out by European authorities in 2016.

* The group of comparable companies includes the top fifteen banks in the eurozone according to stock market capitalisation in the Euro Stoxx Banks index at 30 June 2016, not including Banquea and Natixis, because the EBA publishes the results for BFA and BPCA, respectively.
** Minimum reference of the ECB of 5.5% plus the capital buffer applicable to G-SIBs.
*** The methodology of the EBA's stress test was applied to CaixaBank in an internal exercise, resulting in a ratio of 9.1% in an adverse scenario in December 2018, pro forma to the sale of the investees BEA/GFI to CriteriaCaixa. The exercise of the European authorities covers the entire CriteriaCaixa Group based on the highest level of prudential consolidation at 31 December 2015.

CaixaBank has a non-performing loans ratio that is lower than the sector average:

6.9% NPL ratio of CaixaBank vs. the 9.23% average NPL ratio for the sector*

The NPL ratio fell 103 basis points compared to 2015

€50,408 M in liquid assets (14.5% of assets)

*Source: Bank of Spain (last available data, November 2016)


All people that form part of CaixaBank must base their actions on the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Policy, the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and other internal rules of conduct on specific areas (such as, for example, the securities market, the contribution to the Euribor, the prevention of corruption, and the prevention of money-laundering and of the financing of terrorism).

A whistle-blowing channel has been set up to facilitate compliance with these rules. In the case of customers or other stakeholders, such matters will be handled through the normal customer service channels.

In 2016the bank worked on drawing up a Human Rights Policy, which will be published in 2017.

In addition, a new project, which will be implemented in 2017, was included in the Strategic Plan to transform the control and compliance culture by integrating it into everyday activities, with the most stringent protection for customers and for CaixaBank.

The bank integrates ethical, social and environmental values in its decision-making process. In this regard, the following are noteworthy of mention:

The bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is set forth in the CSR Master Plan.

CaixaBank adheres to international initiatives regarding corporate responsibility, such as the UN’s Global Compact, the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles and the Equator Principles.

It has held the presidency of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012.

It adheres to the Code of Good Tax Practices of the Spanish government and to the Code of Good Practices for the viable restructuring of mortgage loans on primary residences, among other codes.

The Group’s asset manager, CaixaBank Asset Management (2016), and the pension plan manager, VidaCaixa (2009) are signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

The contracts with the Group’s suppliers include clauses relating to compliance with ethical, environmental and social standards.

CaixaBank has a Defense sector policy approved by the Board of Directors in 2016.

10 years of the CaixaBank Chair for Corporate Social Responsibility, in collaboration with the IESE business school

The Chair encourages, promotes and spreads new knowledge about CSR in its academic approach and to executives and entrepreneurs

For CaixaBank, it is essential to bring the products offered into line with the interests, goals and characteristics of its customers.

The purpose of the Transparency Committee is to ensure transparency in the design and marketing of financial instruments, banking products, and investment and savings insurance plans

The Product Committee, created in 2016, is responsible for approving new products and services designed and/or marketed by the bank, after analysing the characteristics and associated risks, and their compliance with customer protection and transparency rules

83 products and/or services were analysed
52 meetings held
8 products and/or services were denied

The Product Development Policy, approved in 2016, sets out the principles for approving the design and marketing of new products and services, responding to the needs of customers and enhancing their protection

CaixaBank has a Commercial Communication Policy to ensure that its advertising activities are transparent, responsible and comply with current legislation

68% vs. 2015 in the number of claims submitted to the Bank of Spain, thanks to the complaints handling and resolution policy applied by the Customer Care Service, a policy that is in line with the supervisor’s criteria


CaixaBank shored up training in the team’s key professional skills, for the purpose of offering the best service possible.


For employees in key positions

1.5 employees certified for each branch in the commercial network

More than 7,000 employees certified in financial advisory services

More than 6,000 executives and premier banking managers have obtained the postgraduate diploma in financial advisory services from Pompeu Fabra University and the international certificate and wealth management from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI)

4,260 people certified in the postgraduate savings and retirement planning programme at Pompeu Fabra University and the Barcelona School of Management

1,300 employees obtained their Risk Analysis Certificate during the year

For the customer care and counselling model

AENOR (Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association) certificate for Premier Banking (2014, renewed in 2016), and for Business Banking (2015)

First bank in Europe to receive AENOR quality certification for excellence in financial customer service and attention in Individual and Business Banking (2016)

€10.9 M invested in training

49.1 hours of training per employee

100%of employees are trained in directly dealing with customers

99.2% of employees receive variable compensation tied to quality of service

Cegos award to the “CaixaBank Training Schools” for best practices in digitalisation


CaixaBank actively contributes to increasing the population’s knowledge on basic economic and financial concepts.

68 basic workshops on personal finance for vulnerable groups, taught by previously trained volunteers, educators or social workers and organised with the support of MicroBank:

Over 1,100 attendees

33 “la Caixa” volunteers participated

36 collaborating entities

192 “la Caixa” volunteers participated in the EFEC (Financial Education at Schools in Catalonia) programme for high school students

4th consecutive year of participation in the programme

CaixaBank, the entity that contributed the largest number of volunteers (31% of total volunteers)

1,275 people
attended the 16 courses on economy and finance for minority shareholders

The purpose of the bank’s economic analysis and studies service, CaixaBank Research, is to create and disseminate knowledge relating to the economy and society in and outside of the bank

244,255 copies of the monthly report sent by mail

11,260 newsletters subscribers

994 articles published on the website

2,190 people attended the master classes and conferences of the ”la Caixa” Chair of Economy and Society

Section on Financial culture
at with materials for children, young people, adults and schools (in Spanish)


This protects the information of the bank, its customers and its employees from any type of internal or external security threat.

With a team of specialists certified as CERT official, trained and prepared 24 hours a day to prevent, detect and take action when faced with any threat

The bank has a business continuity plan, which is certified under international standard ISO 22301, which ensures business continuity in the event of incidents with significant impact

The bank has an advanced cyber security model, certified under international standard ISO 27001, and a team of specialists that are trained and prepared 24 hours a day to prevent, detect and take action when faced with any cyber threat

CaixaBank’s Data Processing Centres (DPC) are able to carry out more than 6,500 transactions per second
The data of the transactions processed would take up 16,000 TB on magnetic disks (approximately 16,000 high-end personal computers)
2,346 million digital documents

Leading digital bank in Spain and abroad

#1 according to the penetration ratio for digital banking in Spain and abroad (considering Spain, Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States), according to ComsScore

32.4% of Spanish online banking customers are customers of CaixaBank
Mobile banking represents 22% of transactions carried out by customers

Around 20.8 million SMS messages are sent to customer mobiles
100%of customers with cards or línea abierta with CaixaProtect, the free online anti-fraud protection service
100% of employees in commercial roles have a Smart PC, enabling them to provideservice to clients from outside the branch