CaixaBank’s financial strength is key in order to guarantee its future, drive economic and business activity in the territories in which it operates, contribute to the generation of employment and compensate its shareholders and institutional investors and, through CriteriaCaixa, thus contribute to the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation and its Welfare Projects.


CaixaBank contributes to the country’s economy through its financial activities. The bank also indirectly contributes through the effect of its expenditure on products and services, and through its employees when they spend their salaries, the dividends received by its shareholders and investors, the employees of its suppliers, and through the production activity of the self-employed professionals, businesses and companies it finances.


€8,094 M
in direct and indirect contribution

by CaixaBank to Spanish GDP*

0.72% of GDP

14.7% of GDP
provided by the banking sector

* Fuente: CaixaBank Research, a partir de datos del Instituto Nacional de Estadística (con datos del 3T y una estimación para 4T)


Over €550 M
distributed in dividends

Over 682,000
minority shareholders
€1,850 M
paid in wages and salaries

€1,788 M in purchases from suppliers

96% of CaixaBank’s Spanish suppliers

92% of invoices paid within the stipulated period by CaixaBank


The bank believes it is duty-bound to contribute to public finances, which provide infrastructure and essential public services so that society can effectively operate and enable social progress and development of our community.

€2,093 M in taxes paid and collected

The profit attributable to the Group amounted to €1,047 M

In 2016 the bank continued with its commitment to transparency, by voluntarily publishing its complete tax risk management policy


CaixaBank provides quality employment, with fixed and permanent contracts for the broad majority of its employees. The bank also contributes to generating employment and self-employment through customer financing, purchases from suppliers and the active dissemination among its customers of the “la Caixa” Foundation programmes.

32,403 people work for the CaixaBank Group

96% have permanent contracts at CaixaBank
98% of management positions at CaixaBank are covered internally
37% women in management at CaixaBank*

35,663 jobs generated indirectly via purchases from suppliers**

24,935 jobs created thanks to the contribution of microcredits for entrepreneurs and businesses***

Active dissemination, through the branch network and customer company meetings, of the Incorpora job market inclusion programme of the “la Caixa” Foundation

Over 28,000 job opportunities generated during the year

Collaboration with more than 9,500 companies throughout Spain in 2016

A total of 382 social entities and 756 technicians, which applied various specialised inclusion processes

* Starting from deputy managers of branch A or B or higher.
** Source: CaixaBank Research, based on the added value of the Group’s activity, Spanish GDP, employment according to Spain’s national accounts and figures on productivity per employee and based on the input-output tables of Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE), with data from the third quarter and an estimate for the fourth quarter.
*** Source: Report on the social impact of microcredits 2016.


CaixaBank, the leading bank in Spain, has maintained its service commitment to the country’s business fabric and has several specialised value proposals depending on the type of company, sector and size. For self-employed professionals and businesses, CaixaBank Negocios; for the agricultural sector, AgroBank; for small, medium and large enterprises, Business Banking; and for large corporations and the public sector, Corporate and Investment Banking. The bank is also firmly committed to innovation, one of the pillars of the country’s economic growth.


44.9%of small, medium and large enterprises
are customers of CaixaBank*

231,596 new loans

9.7% vs. 2015

33.1% of Spanish self-employed professionals
are customers of CaixaBank

83,771 new loans granted

4.4% vs. 2015

18,608 microcredits granted to businesses and entrepreneurs

14.1% market share of
to companies**

11% increase in new loans compared to 2015

87,3% of loans granted with regard to loan applications processed

The bank University-Company Chair between AgroBank and the University of Lleida with regard to food and agricultural quality and innovation, to promote the transfer of scientic and technical knowledge between the University and professionals and customers in the sector.

CaixaBank has
342,350 agrarian customers

2.7% vs. 2015

24.1% of agrarian self-employed professionals in Spain are CaixaBank customers

* Source: FRS Inmark 2015, for companies that bill €1 million - €100 million. Latest available data.
** Includes MicroBank figures.


€176.5 M invested in development and technology*

The IBM Digital Innovation Centre, an alliance that CaixaBank formed with IBM, develops emerging technologies in the management of technological infrastructure

ImaginBank was created, the first mobile only bank for the young sector

6th addition of the ImaginChallenge
a a 24-hour hackathon for mobile app developers, markers, designers and creators

10th anniversary of the EmprendedorXXI Awards, created to identify, recognise and assist newly-created and innovative Spanish businesses with high potential for growth

€4.28 M in awards and support activities

289 winners since its creation

87% of the companies awarded remain active

220 candidates received in the 2016 edition of the Business Character Awards, created in collaboration with the CEOE to recognise innovative Spanish companies that are committed to internationalisation

* Includes investment from CaixaBank and companies of the Silk Group, CaixaBank Digital Business and VidaCaixa.

CaixaBank is once again recognised
for its innovative character

  • Award for the best global technological project, by The Banker
  • Award for best European mobile bank, by Forrester Research
  • Award for the World’s Best Bank for Innovation by Retail Banker
  • Award for Disruptive Innovation and Innovation in Payments by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI)
  • Award for Best Digital Bank in Spain and Best Consumer Bank Western Europe, for the third year in a row, by the North American Journal Global Finance