CaixaBank is characterised by its firm social commitment, which is reflected in its intent to contribute to solving the most urgent social challenges and to the sustainable development of the territories in which it has a presence. For the bank, its social commitment, along with quality and trust, is one of its corporate values and distinguishing features.


MicroBank, the social bank fully owned by CaixaBank, is Europe’s largest microfinance institution

MicroBank has operated through CaixaBank’s branch network since 2007, boosting economic activity, entrepreneurship, job creation, self-employment, personal and family development, and financial inclusion

MicroBank leads the ranking in terms of microcredits granted by European financial institutions

* Source: In-house preparation based on “Microfinance in Europe: A survey of EMN-MFC members. Report 2014-2015”. European Microfinance Network (EMN). December 2016. Latest available data.
** Includes MicroBank figures.

167,669 microcredits granted in 2016

€808.9 M in loans granted

€4,824 average volume of transactions

47% of microcredits are granted to women

Offering financial education:

With basic workshops on personal finance for vulnerable groups, attracting more than 1,100 people.

With 9 workshops on business finance, aimed at self-employed professionals, with 139 attendees


CaixaBank inherited a 100-year-long tradition of managing family savings and promoting retirement planning, which began in 1904 with the creation of Caja de Pensiones para la Vejez y de Ahorros de Cataluña y Baleares.

Through VidaCaixa, CaixaBank boasts the largest number of people that have entrusted the bank with their retirement savings

VidaCaixa pays almost one third of all private pensions in Spain*, with €3,811 M in benefits paid

VidaCaixa pays out the largest number of pensions in Spain after the social security system

All investments are managed in accordance with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), managing €75,897M

257,000 SMEs and self-employed professionals are covered by group pension plans managed by VidaCaixa

22.9% market share in pension plans

€8,755 M managed under group pension plans

1.4 million people have life-savings insurance through VidaCaixa

30 companies of the Ibex 35 are customers of VidaCaixa

Through the CaixaBankFuturo Programme, VidaCaixa promotes a culture of systematic savings and retirement planning

It holds CaixaBankFuturo meetings: conferences aimed mainly at customers that are retired or near retirement age, to help them plan and prepare for their retirement

In 2016:
236 meetings
with around14.000 attendees
in 79 different cities
Since 2014:
943 meetings held
with 55,000 attendees
It drives the publication of related studies: in 2016 the VidaCaixa Barometer was published, reporting on the savings habits of the millennial generation

* Latest available data (2015)


For CaixaBank, facilitating access to housing is another one of its priorities, given its overriding importance for many citizens. With this objective, the bank has an active policy of assisting people with problems obtaining a primary residence. The “la Caixa” Group also has the largest private social housing park in the country.

CaixaBank has

1.5 million mortgages in its portfolio (individuals)

17.6%*share of the mortgage market

* September 2016

It works to provide solutions for people and families undergoing financial difficulties

First entity in the Spanish market to create a team specialised in offering solutions, tailored to best suit each situation, for customers that are having difficulties in making their mortgage payments for their primary residence

The Mortgage Customer Advisory Service (SACH), which was created in 2013, has a toll-free customer service line for customers that have been sent a foreclosure notice in connection to their primary residence

30,949 calls handled (received and initiated)

550,605 assistance measures for families with mortgage loans and undergoing financial difficulties since 2009*

22,382 cumulative payments in kind since 2009:

932 payments in kind,in 2016 58% vs. 2015

67%of the payments in kind for the year with an associated lease agreement

CaixaBank adheres to the Code of Good Practices of the Spanish government for the viable restructuring of mortgage loans on primary residences

The bank has been a signatory of the mediation agreement with the Government of Catalonia to avoid evictions since 2012

Over 33,000 housing units in the “la Caixa” Group’s social housing park:

The housing units in the social housing park constitute the largest volume of private social housing in Spain (with rents below market levels)

These homes, with monthly rents starting from €85, are available all over Spain for people with very low incomes

This figure includes, among others, the 3,310 housing units provided to the government’s Social Housing Fund (FSV):

CaixaBank contributes the largest number of housing units (exceeding its initial commitment, 1,085 homes)

Over 10,000 of these housing units are managed, in collaboration with the ”la Caixa” Foundation , within the framework of two specific programmes:

The Alquiler Solidario (centralised) programme, an affordable housing initiative for people whose income has been affected by the current crisis, launched in 2011

The Alquiler Solidario (decentralised) programme, an affordable housing initiative for people that have had to reach an accord and satisfaction or payment in kind, created in 2012

* Number of current and cancelled actions, recalculated in 2015. A single contract may be subject to various actions. Therefore, there may be duplications.


CaixaBank actively collaborates in the dissemination and promotion of the social welfare programmes and initiatives of the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation.

With €510 million budgeted for 2017, the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation is the largest foundation in Spain in terms of investment and the third largest in the world in terms of asset volume

Around 50,000 initiatives were carried out in 2016, beneting upwards of 10.5 million people

The protocol governing relations between CaixaBank, CriteriaCaixa and the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation, which describes the framework for collaboration between these entities, was updated in 2016

In 2016 the “la Caixa” Foundation had a budget of €44.3 M, channelled through the CaixaBank commercial branch network to cover local social needs, within the collaboration framework between the bank, CriteriaCaixa and the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation

2.3% vs. 2015

13,419 activities financed and developed in social, educational, scientific and cultural areas

90%of the activities are included in the social arena. These include:

39%dedicated to the fight against poverty (families, children and the elderly)

30%% are carried out in areas relating to healthcare, disability and addiction

10,271 charities

CaixaBank collaborates with GAVI the Vaccine Alliance through the “la Caixa” Foundation, actively disseminating information among customers and employees

Customer companies can make contributions through the Alliance for childhood vaccination

Almost €70,000 raised by more than 190 private banking customers

Around €500,000 raised through 280 company contributions

Customers can channel their donations through the Microdonation Programme

Over €131,000 contributed by around 75,700 individual customers

Espacio Solidario (Charity Corner) has been made available to Group employees that wish to contribute to the project

Over €47,000 contributed by 756 Group employees

In 2016 more than €747,000 were raised through CaixaBank

Over 2.3 million disadvantaged children in Africa and Latin America received vaccinations thanks to the contribution of the “la Caixa” Group


The people that form part of CaixaBank have different ways of channelling their solidarity interests. These channels include the solidarity channel, for making donations to the programmes managed by the “la Caixa” Foundation, or participation in local volunteering actions in any autonomous community.

The “la Caixa” Volunteers Programme was launched in 2005

Over 15,000 volunteers

More than 1.2 million people helped since the start of the programme

Current and retired employees, family members, friends and others that wish to show their solidarity participate in the programme

Aroud 5,000 of the participants are current CaixaBank Group employees

2,215 volunteer actions carried out in 2016

Around 9,000 employees participated in the bank’s Social Weeks (38% of the workforce in the branch network)

Local volunteer activities related to charity organisations receiving aid from the decentralised welfare fund

13 Social Weeks held, with activities in 46 provinces and 2,491 municipalities in Spain.

Over 4,500 activities carried out at 1,274 local charity organisations

97% of employees would participate again

CaixaBank professionals collaborate with the “la Caixa” Foundation ProInfancia Programme

Programme to combat childhood poverty through the socio-educational development of marginalised children and families

7,510 children received a gift through the Epiphany solidarity campaign:

Around 6,000 corporate toys donated for children of employees

19,820 € raised to purchase toys for families without resources or at risk of exclusion

The Personnel Association, with 3,193 associates has a social action plan:

694 beneficiaries

72 activities

€67,298 raised