4. Leading the digitisation
of banking

Strategic objectives

To consolidate leadership in multi-channel and mobile banking.

To develop the digital relationship, experience and contracting of customers.

To roll out strategies in response to new technologies, new entrants and regulatory changes.

2017 milestones

In 2017, 55% of CaixaBank’s customers were digital. The bank consolidated its leading position amongst digital customers with 33% market penetration, 11 percentage points clear of second place.

CaixaBank is continuing to enhance the customer experience and is championing a relationship based not only on availability “anywhere and anytime” but also on offering a truly bespoke service. Since the roll-out of the Strategic Plan, the bank has launched various groundbreaking initiatives such as imaginBank mobile banking, which currently boasts over 500 thousand customers; the “My Finances” smart manager, with more than three million users; the CaixaBankPay mobile payments tool and new online advice channels and services.

CaixaBank is one of the leaders in applying new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Big data and artificial intelligence enable companies to improve their efficiency and the service they provide to customers. CaixaBank is the first financial institution in Spain to launch an artificial intelligence solution, with the imaginBank chatbot. CaixaBank is also involved in various initiatives involving blockchain, including a consortium aiming to facilitate and speed up foreign trade transactions.

Another priority is promoting the multi-channel approach and strenghening commercial effectiveness. The percentage of transactions carried out through Línea Abierta climbed 86% in the year, up 6 percentage points on 2014, freeing up the commercial network to spend more of its time advising and offering added-value services to customers. CaixaBank has also deployed over 29,900 Smart PCs to its commercial and sales employees, thus making them fully functional outside the office and improving commercial activity by allowing products and services to be arranged and signed for digitally.

CaixaBank is also continuing to give the maximum priority to defence against cyber attacks. The bank has a number of control and prevention initiatives under way to guard against cyber attacks and to protect data, processes and systems.

Numerous international awards and accolades have made CaixaBank an international benchmark when it comes to innovation. Highlights here include the “Model Bank of the Year” award from Celent, “Best Artificial Intelligence Project” from The Banker and “Best Digital Bank in Spain and Europe” from Global Finance, amongst others.

Priorities for 2018

Optimising the experience and mobility of digital customers when arranging products and services.

Completing big data infrastructure and helping to develop new big data applications.

Digitalising processes that impact on efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Identifying opportunities for new business models (e.g. Open Banking) and technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence).

Fostering information security strategies.


Penetration of digital clients (Comscore)*
As a percentage
* E-banking users. The figures for December 2014 correspond to March 2015 (previous figures used a different methodology). The calculation for the last 12 months is shown from September 2016.
Clients operating on the internet (web or mobile)**
As a percentage of all customers
** Customers (individuals between 20 and 74 years old) using the service over the last 12 months.
Absorption of transactions
by Línea Abierta
As a percentage
Commercial employees
with Smart PCs
As a percentage

Our innovation model

Business transformation

Transformation and evolution projects for the entity to anticipate and meet the needs of customers, maintaining our competitive advantage and levels of service

Pioneering chatbot for checking customer offers and promotions

New virtual assistant for frequently-asked questions from employees, with natural-language interaction

Specialist advice service


Best Digital Bank
in Spain 2017

Best Digital Bank
in Western Europe 2017

Global Finance

Best global tech
project 2017:
Artificial intelligence

The Banker

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Focus on innovative, multi-channel banking

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our heavy investment
In million €
Digital channels complement physical channels

+ Quality
+ Convenience
+ Efficiency

Freeing up network resources to improve the customer experience through advice and other value added services

Enabling us to offer tailored services, anywhere and at any time

Transactions by channel

(+41% vs. 2016) in the number of transactions
using mobile devices

Increased leadership in the adoption of mobile solutions

Around 30,000 Smart PCs deployed

98% digital signatures

2017 Socio-economical Impact Report

Leader in digital channels

Leaders in service quality for the 8th year running (AQmetrix)
World leader

Active customers


of customers are digital

Market penetration

31.1% (No. 1 domestic and international)

Transactions made

2,446 million

New solutions

Launch of TimeMap and PlanA, a 100% digital experience that offers an investment plan tailored to the needs of Private and Premier Banking customers

New pension plan recommender based on the customer’s profile

Leaders in service quality (AQmetrix) and functionality (Forrester)
World leader

Increase in customers

+15% vs. 2016


2,736 million

CaixaMóvil Store


million downloads

Advanced services

AppAgroBank, new application for the AgroBank segment

CaixaBankPay, a mobile payment solution using NFC technology, with more than 200,000 regular users

The most highly rated mobile bank for finance in Spain (Apple Store/Google Play)
First mobile-only bank mobile only

Best Artificial Intelligence project 2017, according to The Banker

Best financial app in the iOS and Android appstores



downloads in 2017

Advanced solutions

ImaginBoard, enables P2P payments from WhatsApp and through Apple’s SIRI assistant

Incorporation of Apple Pay

New biometric identification using Face ID

First banking chatbot in Spain

Over 250 options available from our terminals
The largest



Market share*



641 million

New services

Renovation of the network to improve the overall functionality of our assets

Withdrawals using PIN, with no need for a card

More personalisation of menus

Payment methods
Market leader. with 16.3 million cards in circulation

Market share*





million euros




Contactless technology

64% of cards (+11.4% vs. 2016) and 90% of POS

32% of total card turnover

Record turnover on Black Friday (+9.3% on cards and +8.8% on POS vs. 2016)

* Latest available figures (Bank of Spain)
Further information at: