Business model

CaixaBank applies a universal banking model based on quality, customer proximity, specialisation and innovation. It applies a “financial supermarket” strategy offers a wide range of products and services adapted to the needs of its clients, using a commercial platform combining branches and the digital world. The bank has also formed strategic alliances with large banking groups and has shareholdings in leading companies in the services sector.

A leading group

CaixaBank has around 13.8 million customers in Spain, around 30% of all adult bank customers in the country, with a quarter of these regarding it as their main bank. This trust has once again been reflected in significant market shares for its main banking products and services. Through VidaCaixa and CaixaBank Asset Management, it occupies a leading position in the market for savings insurance, pension plans and mutual funds market. This leadership is buttressed by 1.9 million BPI customers in Portugal.

Customer penetration

> 18 years
(Turnover of €1 million to
€100 million)
One in every four banking customers in Spain has placed their trust in CaixaBank

Main products and services: ranking and market shares

As a percentage. Figures as of year-end 2017

Specialised management

Universal banking model

Much more than just a bank: we offer excellent personal customer service
underpinned by a value proposition tailored to the needs of each customer

An accessible bank, due to its size, reach and customer knowledge
Highly trained, specialist teams and excellent quality of service
Focus on digitalisation, with a commitment to mobility
and exploiting big data
Comprehensive product
of financial
and non-financial solutions
Segmentation is key to providing better service to our
customers and fostering business volumes

1. A more detailed segmentation exists that is not shown in the pyramid, which includes real estate, the public sector and not-for-profit entities.
2. Corporate and Institutional Banking.
3. Includes the self-employed, professionals, farmers and shops.

Personal Banking Business Banking

This value proposition is based on an omni-channel offering, with simple solutions that are innovative and set us apart, and adapted to the profile of each customer (AgroBank, HolaBank, etc.).

In 2017, activity in Individual Banking focused on:

Encouraging direct deposit of salaries into customer accounts. This is a key tool for fostering the loyalty of individual customers. 778,878 new direct salary deposits were added during the year, due to our active marketing policy and the gradual improvement in the labour market.

Increasing customer loyalty, through marketing activity and the launch of new products. Highlights included the sale of 1.95 million life and general insurance policies, and the increase in the production of new consumer lending (+10% vs. 2016). This customer lending took the form of general loans, funding card purchases and 0% APR credit on “Compra Estrella” purchases.

This was achieved with the strictest quality criteria for customers, underpinned by AENOR’s 2016 certification of the excellence of our customer service model.

The consolidation of the CaixaBank Business offering for self-employed, professional and trade customers continued in 2017.

This offers specialist management for customers, with an additional 1,600 exclusively-dedicated advisors and the business managers of branches that have no business advisor. These advisors have mobile devices that enable them to take the branch to the customer’s business.

Marketing activity focused on selling general and life insurance, and funding Business customers, with a well-established service model that received AENOR certification in 2016.

Total investment
million euros

Total funds
million euros
Asset management, insurance and pension plans

Complementary and growing businesses, making a significant contribution to CaixaBank’s net profits.

€133,900 million in medium and long-term savings managed.

VidaCaixa (100% CaixaBank).

SegurCaixa Adeslas (49.9% VidaCaixa).

CaixaBank Asset Management (100% CaixaBank).

Contributing 42% of the net profit of the bancassurance segment.

Further information at:
Personal Banking VidaCaixa

The Premier Banking value propositions is based on three main pillars: an exclusive advice model, qualified professionals and solutions for customers, consolidating our leadership in financial advice.

“A medida” (Made-to-measure) was launched in March 2017, offering a unique approach to financial advice that responds to the needs and objectives of our customers. This consideration results in Plan A, a process that integrates regulatory requirements into sales processes and fosters our customer relationships.

By year end, more than half of all Premier Banking customers had prepared their Plan A with their advisor. Customers can track their objectives using Línea Abierta or carry out the process autonomously through Plan A.

4,482 managers
whit portfolios
1,945 specialist

78% have specific MIFID accredited training
1.58 million

65% of customers advised ("A medida" service)

Funds and securities under
million euros
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CaixaBank Private Banking has set up specialist teams and has more than 500 qualified professionals - averaging 15 years’ experience each - who work with our branch network to offer the best possible service. 6 new Private Banking centres were opened in 2017, making this service more accessible for our customers, bringing the total number of these centres to 45.

“Time” is our new way of offering financial advice in Private banking. This organises the customer’s wealth based on a comprehensive assessment of their needs, designing an investment strategy to meet their objectives at every stage of their lives. Since March, the Time Map advice process has been carried out by more than 40,308 Private Banking customers with their advisors.

530 Private
Banking Consultants

93% have
specific MIFID accredited training
45 Private
Banking centres
96% of customers

The global advice service for Philanthropy provides socially responsible investment (SRI) and philanthropy solutions through the Social Value project. The balance of SRI funds increased by 57% in 2017, due to this initiative. Private Banking customers also contributed €5.8 million to the 8 leading NGOs (by number of contributors in Spain) and €441,000 euros (+538% vs. 2016) to Gavi Alliance, with this amount being complemented by the same amount from the “la Caixa” Foundation.

Best Private Banking
in Europe for Customer
Service 2017

Best Private Banking
in Spain 2015, 2016
and 2017

Funds and securities under
million euros
Further information at:

CaixaBank’s Business Banking service has been operating for 10 years, and has established itself as the favourite bank for Spanish companies. 48% of Spanish companies with turnover between 1 and 100 million euros are CaixaBank customers, according to market share surveys by FRS Inmark.

Business Banking now has a mature model, and is seeking to enhance its customer relationships and expand the bank’s company banking base. It has a team of 1,245 experts in all aspects of company management, offering innovative solutions and specialist services. Advanced advice is provided through videoconferences and new communication channels connecting customers and their managers, such as the Companies wall and Go&Business.

Continuing the strategy of getting even closer to the customer’s business, more new business banking centres opened in 2017, bringing the total to 116. CaixaBank is the only financial entity in Europe to have achieved AENOR certification for its financial service and attention in Business Banking and its foreign trade activity. This is the second consecutive renewal of this certification.

million euros

Assets managed
million euros
Further information at:
Business Banking

Corporate & Institutional Banking integrates two business areas, of Corporate and Institutional banking, together with other product areas that provide services to customers, such as Treasury, Capital Markets, Project Finance, Asset Finance and M&A.

Corporate Banking’s value proposition offers a tailor-made service to corporate clients, seeking to become their main bank. This involves crafting personalised value propositions and working with clients in export markets.

It achieved its objectives in 2017, despite a marked increase in competition. In 2018 the bank will continue to work towards obtaining a greater share of, and weight in, the market, through risk-adjusted growth that is gradual, sustainable and profitable.

Institutional Banking serves public and private-sector institutions, through specialist management of financial services and solutions.

In 2017, the business achieved the objectives set for it, identifying alternative revenue sources to long-term lending. This is expected to continue in 2018, which will require the business to boost its sales efforts in its most efficient products.

million euros

Assets managed
million euros


International branches

Offer financing and financial services to Spanish companies with interests and activities in these countries, as well as to local businesses.

Representative offices

These provide advisory services for European multinationals with subsidiaries in Spain, and for Spanish companies doing business abroad.

Spanish Desk

With the partners Inbursa in Mexico, BPI in Portugal and ERSTE Bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

CaixaBank rounds out its own service with a network of over 1,200 correspondent banks.


BPI is a financial group focusing on retail and commercial banking in Portugal, where it is the fifth largest financial institution, in terms of assets (€29,640 million). BPI has a customer base of around two million people, which it manages through a specialist, fully-integrated, multichannel, distribution network.

BPI’s business centres on two main segments - Individual, Professional and SME banking, and Business banking, with their own physical and virtual structures and specialist teams. The BPI Group complements its offering of non-life and life-risk insurance through an insurance distribution agreement with Allianz Portugal, in which the BPI Group has a 35% holding.

Individual, Professional and SME banking

Includes Private banking and distribution of mutual funds

Business Banking
Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB)

Distribution of non-life and life-risk insurance through an agreement with Allianz Portugal

Stakes in African banks1

BFA (Angola): 48.1%

BCI (Mozambique): 35.67%2

1. Companies recognised through equity equivalence.
2. Caixa Geral de Depósitos holds 61.51% of the capital.
CaixaBank took control of BPI in February 2017, when it acquired 84.51% of its capital following completion of a takeover bid
Revenue diversification

CaixaBank has holdings in internationally recognized banks and industrial companies.


A business performing strongly

BPI has a 13.7% share of individual customers, and leading market shares for the products and services it offers: these markets shares* improved during the year. Highlights include the 10.8% market share for direct deposit of salaries (+10 bp vs. 2016); 12.7% (+30 bp vs. 2016) in life insurance; 11.2% (+60 bp vs.2016) in consumer loans; and 11.2% (+ 20 bps vs. 2016) for mortgages.

Customer funds increased by 5.6% in 2017, with loans and advances to companies (corporate and Portugal SMEs) up 6.4% on the previous year.

Overall, BPI contributed €176 million to CaixaBank’s total earnings in 2017.

A bank committed to its location

The bank invested more than €5 million in social solidarity, culture, education and research, and innovation and enterprise in 2017. These contributions have averaged €4.41 million over the last ten years, demonstrating BPI’s determined social commitment.

In terms of social solidarity, BPI invested €2.4 million in a number of initiatives, including three prizes for improving quality of life for people with permanent incapacity or disabilities, the elderly, and people in poverty or social exclusion.

BPI supports some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Portugal (such as the Fundaçao Serralves, the Casa da Música and the Fundaçao Gulbenkian), through €2.1 million in sponsorship.

BPI also has a budget of €600,000 to foster education, science and research through agreements with higher education institutions and a student scholarship programme.

* Latest available data. Shares at 31 October.

The bank with the highest quality of service
€5.06 million invested in social projects in 2017

million customers
specialised centres

BPI, solid performance

1981-1985 Creation of Sociedade Portuguesa de Investimento (SPI)
1985 SPI is transformed into Banco Portugués de Investimento (BPI)
1986 BPI flotation
1991 BPI enters the commercial banking market following acquisition of Banco Fonsecas & Burnay
1995 “la Caixa” becomes a strategic partner
1996-2005 BPI continues growing through acquisitions and mergers with other banks
2008-2016 BPI concentrates on: bolstering capital, liquidity, rechannelling risks and strengthening relationships with its clients
2017 CaixaBank takes control of BPI following completion of a takeover bid